Turning Your Financial Wilderness
into Financial Clarity

Looking for a fresh take on your business’s financials? Jeromy is a proactive,
strategic CPA whose goal is to ease the load and pave your way to growth.

Certifications and Recognitions


Not Your Father's Accountant

Gone are the days when meeting with your CPA once a year was enough to sustain a business. With Jeromy as your CPA, you will have proactive guidance throughout the year, from comprehensive tax planning to consultations that address any relevant financial needs you may have that arise. Jeromy, along with the team at WMDDH, is skilled at assessing financials to identify existing problems and looking for opportunities to improve the financial health of your business.

We strive to provide comprehensive financial services that will help your company succeed, whether it’s from the very beginning of building your company or taking an existing company and reimagining the way it looks at its financials.

You're one decision away from financial clarity

Gain Financial Awareness
and Education

The key to growing your business is to understand your company financially, helping you to plan for the future and worry less. Tax planning and financial management with us can get you started on the right path.

Stay Up-to-Date on the
Latest Tax Laws

Tax planning can help you minimize your tax burden and build wealth. Jeromy works throughout the year to remain up to date with the everchanging tax laws and best practices through continuing education and specialized trainings.

Proactivley Address

Don’t wait until you’re in the red before addressing your financial concerns. Our goal is to help you identify and work to overcome weak areas in your financial structure.